Saturday, June 19, 2010


Blog ni da lame da x update.. Aku da give up da dgn blog ni actually.. So, i thought by giving this blog a new name, it would do..


Orang mesti cm tertanya2 kenapa? Actually, xde sebab pon aku pilih name ni.. I just feeling like it.. And this name will be permanent i promise....At least, when im no longer live in this world... I have something that reminds people of me.. my blog..sobs...

Eventhough it is not as interesting as other blogs like hanis zalikha's, red mama's, and so on.. lol.. i know i dont even have the talent to write.. tapi, sometimes, when i think back, from this blog jugak i get to know some special people in my life.. you know who you are..

so, thats it.. here goes a new name for you blog.. i hope u like it.. i will try to be a more active writer and post a lot of "interesting" things going on in my life.. keep reading ok :)

btw, kerol.. aku nk souvenir aku.. lol


  1. hahahahaha,,,update pon..n gmbr xlh bla kn~aku nye da private!

  2. siapa special people kau kenal? tak bagitau pun.

    oh. nak souvenir ka? mana entah aku letak. lupa. hahaha