Wednesday, March 3, 2010

could? would?

When i think of you my heart beats fast when you are sweet to another guy i ache in thought u might lose the love for me...

honey there is something about you that makes me want you forever...

but when you treat me as if i am less than perfect less than yours I start to cry...

you treat me negative and it hurts because i give you my all and hide the rain from your view. I wish u knew how much you mean to me...
wish you would treat me better...
why did you go on one knee just to hurt me? i am crying thinking of you because the words and the actions are jabbing into my soul poking little knives through my heart.

only if you knew. how much it hurt when you take the little things i do for granted take me as a no one leaving me in the dark.

I wish it would change I wish you could be everything I wanted...

could you? would you?

because i dont want anyone else it hurts to think of me not with you. we meant for each other forever.

but this way i dont think i could survive...

thinking of you hoping you would love me more treat me better like you always say..


  1. make yourself worthy and talk to her
    some women have better things on mind that they just don't let just another guy into her life
    know her first and then only she will know that you decide to fall for her for her personality.not just another feeling guide-less.

    just a personal opinion because not all girl fall for a guy that just offer them sweet words and care..

    chill..gud luck!

  2. wahh...lovely!! =P

  3. co0l ,, dat really came fr0m ure heart ?? , ngee~